MFRL Movies

Movies at the Library

You are viewing this page while not in the library. Due to licensing agreements, we can not display movie titles outside of our buildings. Visit this page while in the library to view title names, or call your local branch for details.


  • Halloween Fright Night: Thursday, October 30, 6pm
    Do you like scary movies? Watch a scary movie and munch on snacks. Movie is Rated PG-13, for grades 6 and up.
  • Halloween Family Fun: Friday, October 31, 3pm
    Celebrate Halloween with crafts, delicious goodies and animated Halloween movies for all ages.
  • Reel Fun Movies for Families: Wednesday, November 5, 6pm
    Disney brings you the story of a lovely winged fairy who is wronged by love and finds herself betrayed and with clipped wings. Fans of Sleeping Beauty will appreciate the parallel storyline in this magical land of good and evil. Rated PG.
  • Reel Fun Movies for Families: Monday, November 10, 6pm
    Jon Hamm stars as a sports agent in this Disney movie based on the true story of J. B. Bernstein. Traveling to India and recruiting talented Indian cricket players is his winning strategy to bring new talent to Major League Baseball. Rated PG.
  • Reel Fun Movies for Families: Monday, November 17, 6pm
    This animated fairy tale, released by Disney in 1959 with a $6 million dollar budget, is about the young and cursed princess Aurora. Who will wake her from her deep sleep? Rated G.
  • Reel Fun Movies for Families: Monday, November 24, 6pm
    Air racer Dusty enters a new profession of aerial firefighting. Dusty and his team, including a rescue helicopter Blade Ranger and all-terrain vehicles called Smokejumpers, demonstrate heroic feats as they battle raging wildfires. Rated PG.


  • Talking About Movies: Monday, November 3, 2pm
    Bring a friend and enjoy The Secret Garden, a luminous film in which magic and hope bloom.


  • Sunday at the Movies: Sunday, November 9, 1:30pm
    Angelina Jolie stars as the title character in this movie which presents the side of the Sleeping Beauty story as told by the sorceress who curses her. Rated PG.


  • Movie & Popcorn: Saturday, November 15, 2pm
    The untold story of Disney's most iconic villain her betrayal that ultimately turns her pure heart to stone. Rated RG.